Afternoon Reflections on Having a Morning Routine

My first observation, upon completing my morning routine, was that I have no tolerance for ‘breakfast’ foods at any time between 2am and 3pm. I thought that I had grown out of this intolerance somehow. When I was a kid I would eat anything, anything but breakfast foods

for breakfast. I can’t stand to pack a big bowl/slab/dollop of sweet starch into my stomach when I’ve only just woken up. Even oatmeal doesn’t cut it, since even unadorned it carries the sweet undercurrent of oat. When I was a kid my go-to breakfast was a tuna sandwich with lots of lettuce and an apple.

I have no such hangup about, say, a bowl of rice with some veggies or an egg on it. Any neutral grain/savory other food combination works fairly well for me in the mornings. And I do like waffles, and I do like oatmeal, and I do like toast. I just like them in small portions as snacks. Or in huge portions as snacks, consumed with friends at 3 in the morning. My ideal breakfast is sandwiches and salads.

Really, for the first day my only stumbling block with the morning routine is that a breakfast-type breakfast leaves me nauseous until 11am.


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